Share your story and media release

Thank you for your interest in sharing your story, pictures, and other media.

Every individual's experience with SDS is vastly different. Our stories and experiences bond us as a community, and may help others get the correct diagnosis and better care, sooner.

With your permission, we will share your story as told by you, publicly on our website and social media (SDS Alliance website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets) to raise awareness in the public and the medical community.

Please use this form to submit your story and media, and to consent to the release.

We will only share the story and media you submit for that purpose, including the patient's first name, country, and age. We will never share any other of your personal information. Your contact information and full name will never be shared outside the SDS Alliance, and we only ask for it so that we can follow-up with you as needed.

Participating in this opportunity is entirely voluntary and you can stop filling out the survey at any time. You may also request at any time that we remove your story and information from our database at any time, by emailing us at connect@SDSAlliance.org or calling +1-617-329-1838.

Please click start when you are ready.
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